April 16, 2011 - SANPO’s Art Festival at Lakeland Community College

Trepanning Trio was represented by:

Brad Bolton: Guitar, Ukulele, Percussion and Baster
Chris Auerbach-Brown: Alto Saxophone, Saw and Melodica
Courtney Lambert: Percussion, Glockenspiel, Kalimba
David Badagnani: English Horn, Sheng and Fiddle
David Mansbach: Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Peggy Latkovich: Accordion, Melodica, Hang and Percussion
Ed Mills: Bouzouki and Earthwood Bass

Guests Musicians:
Michael Billings: Bass Flute
Bronte Billings: Flute
Gabby Billings: Pan Tree
Anna Snider: Percussion
Karen Hornick: Percussion
Sunny Parihar: Banjo
Erin Johnson: Banjo
David Campbell: Egg Shaker
Monica Tuttle: Voice



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