February 23, 2012 - 1Way at The Go Factory with Oblique Orchestra

Trepanning Trio was represented by:

David Mansbach: Double Bass, Guitar
David Badagnani: Oboe, Sheng, Viola da Gamba, English Horn
Kris Morron: Trombone, Guzheng and Percussion
Michael Billings: Flute, Bass Flute
Brad Bolton: Guitar, Ukulele, Percussion and Animal Calls
Andy Ludick: Percussion, Kalimba, didgeridoo
Bronte Billings (Guest): Flute


This performance was part of the "1Way" concert series at The Go Factory (Cleveland, Ohio).  As is typical with our 1Way sets, this performance was improvised.  Michael Billings' daughter Bronte sat in with us.