September 25, 2009 - The Cleveland Bridge Project

Trepanning Trio was represented by:

David Mansbach: Double Bass, Guitar, Percussion
David Badagnani: Oboe, Sheng, Viola da Gamba, Accordion, English Horn, Fiddle, Xun, Double-Reed Slide Music Stand, Kalimba and Flemish Bagpipe
Kris Morron: Trombone, Guzheng, Accordion
Dan Wenninger: Tenor Saxophone
Chris Auerbach-Brown: Alto Saxophone, Saw, Melodica and Various electronic devices
Michael Billings: Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute and Harmonica
Thomas Lempner: Soprano, Alto, and Tenor saxophones, Flute, and Clarinet
Peggy Latkovich: Accordion, Melodica, Recorders, Banjo and Percussion
Brad Bolton: Guitar, Baster, Saw, Godbass, Ukulele, Utility Percussion and Animal Calls
Lorne Franklin: Percussion

Christopher Strauch: Guitar and Utility Percussion


This event pre-dates the Ingenuity events that would take place in this stunning and unique location in subsequent years.

Photos + Video