Friday, February 13, 2009 - At the Beachland Tavern (Cleveland, OH)

Trepanning Trio was represented by:

David Mansbach (Cleveland, Ohio) - Double Bass, Percussion, Guitar, Stem Glasses, Melodica
David Badagnani (Kent, Ohio) - Accordion, Sheng, Melodica, Oboe, English Horn, Fiddle & Viola da Gamba
Bob Drake (Cleveland, Ohio) - Various hand-made acoustic and electronic instruments, Banjo
Ron Tucker (Brooklyn, New York) - Drums, Glockenspiel, Melodica, Percussion
Andrew Ludick (Kilkenny, Ireland) - Kalimba, Ukulele, Percussion and Harmonica
Kris Morron (Cleveland, Ohio) - Guzheng, Trombone, Accordion
Dan Wenninger (Cleveland, Ohio) - Alto and Tenor Saxophone
Brent Gummow (Cleveland, Ohio - Live improvised digital video
Tyler Horter (Cincinnati, Ohio) - Acoustic Guitar


This was the album release show for Trepanning Trio's first two albums: "I am a Crooked Arrow" and "The Man Killed the Bird...".  This is the first time Dan Wenninger performed with Trepanning Trio.  You can hear my son Ben (4 months old) crying at the end of "Lucy Toes".  Also this night, on the other side of the country, my nephew Christopher was born.

Photos + Videos

Other Bands:

Oblique Orchestra (Cleveland, OH)

Ancillary (Cincinnati, OH)